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Off-Market Real Estate Tips from a Pro!

Anyone who is looking at off-market deals should expect to partner up with someone who has a strong reputation in the business and patience is very important when it comes to off-market transactions. We spoke with Silvia Portugal-Singh, a local real agent who specializes in off-market real estate, to get the scoop.


Off –market transaction tend to come from anyone associated with the property whether it’s a broker, an owner, or an attorney that represents the owner. So off-market transactions are not necessarily transactions that will save you money but will provide you an entry into a situation that will lead to less competition.


  1. Remember, that off-market deals will come in many different variations. Some off-market deals are there simply because the owner does not want anybody o know that they are selling the property. It’s a way to do something very quietly, but not necessarily at a lower price than it would normally get on the market.


  1. Where and with whom should one network with when starting out? The best way is to try to attend as many industry events as you can in the beginning, just to understand who the players are. Start building relationships. Find the people with the best reputation in the business and learn from them. Try to volunteer and work with those who’ve been around for a long time and have a strong reputation in the business.


  1. Paperwork is crucial. These types of situations usually are built on relationships some off-market transactions will take place without any documents signed other than the contract to purchase the property. But, to do it right and try to get a Non-Disclosure Agreement signed that gives comfort level to the seller or the party that is across from the table from you


Silvia Portugal-Singh specializes in off market real estate. You can reach her at 562-577-9953 or by emailing

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Ready to Relocate? 3 Tips on How to Set a Moving Budget That Won’t Break the Bank

Relocating to a new area can be exciting, but it can also be expensive. There are many resources to help, but most cost money. However, if you take your time and plan carefully, you can reduce the expense so you don’t start your new life with new debt. Here are three tips to controlling your moving budget.

1. Find Out What’s Free
Nothing is better than paying nothing, right? Don’t assume you have to fork out money for everything you need to move. If you have accepted a new job, ask your new employer whether the company can cover any of your moving expenses. When it comes to moving supplies, see what you can get without having to pay for it. Stock up on free moving supplies by asking your workplace, local grocery stores, and friends and family for unneeded, sturdy boxes. Instead of paying professional movers, see if you can barter with friends or family for help in moving boxes to and from the truck.

2. Focus On Essentials
After you’ve pursued every possible angle to cover your needs for free, you will likely need to pay for something. The trick is to only do so for what is absolutely necessary. Many providers will offer you help along the way, but you should only sign up for basic services. This could include moving big items such as a piano, paying for gas and tolls, or buying cartons for oddly-shaped or particularly valuable items. If you are not able to move things yourself, this could include hiring professionals.

3. Do It Yourself
If you have the time and are physically fit, start long before moving day and pack everything yourself. Rent or borrow a truck and move your boxes yourself, perhaps with the help of a friend. Take care of disconnecting old utilities and signing up for new ones. Handle both cleaning your old home and preparing your new one. Anything you can do with a little elbow grease will mean less money out of pocket.

CALL ME for advice on keeping moving expenses down. Ask about providers who may give you a discount for being referred by your agent. Remember that you are in charge of your move, so don’t automatically sign up for every service available. By using free goods and services when available and doing much of the work yourself, you can set and follow a moving budget you can afford.