12 Ways to Get Your House Ready for El Niño

This winter’s prediction that El Niño will pound the southern United States and the East Coast to New England with above-average precipitation means it’s time to get your house in order . More about getting ready for El Niño…

cleaning leaves from rain gutter


50 Reasons Los Angeles Is the Best Effing City in America!

Seriously, we are sooooooo lucky to live in the Best City in America!!  Check out this blog post, some highlights include…

  • Tacos! Tacos on literally every corner…
  • The beaches. Yes. All of them. (L.A. is also the only city in America where you can start your day skiing and end it surfing.)
  • Weekend island hopping: Catalina Island and the Channel Islands , to name a few.
  • The Sunset Strip. (Rejoice, hair metal fans.)


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Which Celebs Won Big (and Which Ones Bombed) in 2015 Real Estate?

Let’s be honest, most of us will (most likely) never be invited for din and get to see inside the homes of Oprah, Queen Bey or Brad Pitt. BUT here’s the next best thing: the deep, inside scoop on celebrity housing! With 2015 behind us, lets take a look at celebs who made winning real estate moves this year, as well as those who foundered.celeb-real-estate-moguls.jpg